What is Counselling?

Counselling is a term used that covers a range of talking therapies that help people bring about a change in their lives and improve their wellbeing. A trained and qualified practitioner will work with a person, a couple or a group of people over the short or long term to help bring about this change.

Why choose Counselling?

People usually want to talk to a counsellor because they are experiencing difficulties or feeling distressed about some aspect of their lives.

Even if a person's family and friends are supportive they may find feelings become overwhelming and impossible to deal with. Talking to a person who is independent but who understands your issues and can help you to find solutions can often be beneficial.

Having your own confidential non-judgemental 'space' can often help a person feel valued and safe enough to begin to explore their feelings and issues.

You do not have to be in crisis for counselling to be of help to you. Often in life we need to re-think or re-evaluate where we are going or who we are. Or you may simply want someone to listen to you for a while. Any of these reasons and more can bring individuals to counselling.

What issues might you bring to Counselling?

Counselling can be helpful for a number of different life difficulties including:

What is the next step?

If you would like someone to listen to you, help you to explore your difficulties and to help you find good solutions to improve the quality of your life then please do contact me.

For an informal chat via phone, email or face to face please use the details below to choose your preferred contact options.

Appointments are available and last fifty (50) minutes.

Concessions are available for people on certain state benefits or counselling students. Couples sessions are also available (rates negotiable).

In some cases sessions can be taken via email or phone by arrangement.

Where Am I?

I am located on Great Western Park in Didcot. Please see below for the Google Maps link.

About Me

My name is Trish Moore and I first decided to become a counsellor around twenty years ago after a rather difficult divorce. Having experienced many of the problems a full and busy life can throw at you I wanted to support other people in making better life choices and to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Becoming a counsellor meant completing many years of training and I completed my first Diploma which was based on Carl Rogers Person Centered approach in 2002.

I continued to study Eric Bern's Transactional Analysis (TA) which is an easy to understand model of communication based on the idea we can all learn how to understand why we act and think in a certain way when other people are around us. It's helpful in both professional and personal relationships that feel difficult for some reason and we just can't seem to fathom out why.

I now use an Integrative approach to counselling which means I use a number of well know approaches in my work. These include the Person Centered approach (PC), Transactional Analysis (TA) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

I also use mindfulness techniques to help support a person's wellbeing and use mediation myself to help me become more aware of the present moment and to relax and enjoy some quiet time.

I currently work in the NHS as a counsellor and also run a private practice offering counselling and psychotherapy.

I have also worked for a number of organizations supporting young people and victims of crime as well as mothers experiencing difficult feelings after the birth of a child. I also recently worked for the MOD in primary and secondary educational settings offering counselling to children and young adults.

I am an accredited member of the National Counselling Society and have a enhanced DBS (police) check. My home is assessable by wheelchair and also has downstairs bathroom facilities for wheelchair users.


£50 Per Session (Single Person)

£70 Per Session (Couples)

Concessions may be available on request


I started seeing Trish when I had a crisis in my life that I couldn't deal with by myself. From the start she was caring, empathic and smart. Our weekly sessions were an oasis of calm that really helped me to make sense of the last 7 days and gave me the confidence to deal with the week ahead. I felt that I could tell her anything and always came away with a new insight or tool to deal with difficult situations. She helped me through the toughest time of my life and come out the other side happier and wiser. I would recommend her to everyone who wants to make a positive change in their life.


Contact information

07949 173759